For Kids and Teens

Visualize the Visit

  • Arrive and wait in your vehicle for Supervisor to bring you into the house
  • Discuss any concerns or question with Supervisor/monitor
  • Confirm safe word and taking a time out
  • Enter visit
  • Greet parent
  • Stay present and remember do not discuss people or events outside of the visit
  • Engage with activities
  • Supervisor will provide a 15 minute and a 2 minute warning before the end of the visit
  • Supervisor will escort you back to your custodian’s vehicle


Board games, Wii competition, air hockey, video arcade games

Art- painting, drawing, coloring, jewelry making

Cooking/Baking- pizza, cookies, tacos, cupcakes (ask your parent to bring supplies)

Science experiments- slime, volcano, rock growing

Outside activities- Playset, scooter, hoola-hoop, sidewalk chalk drawing, bubbles

Watch a movie or favorite Netflix show

Listen to music

Teen Line

Talk or text with another teen (6-10PM)

Call 1-800-852-8336 or Text teen to 839863


Talk or text with another teen (4-8PM)

Call 1-877-968-8491 or Text teen to 839863

Crisis Line

Resource for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis (24/7)

Call 855-274-7471