Getting Started

In supervised visitation cases, visiting parents complete their intakes first. For questions or to schedule a phone consultation, please call our office at 615-956-6106. We look forward to serving your family at Kymari House, Inc.

01. Intake

The non-custodial parent must be the person who initiates the intake process by calling Kymari House to schedule a phone intake.

02. Document Review

After completion of the phone intake, you will be asked to submit several documents for review. Upon review of these documents and approval to move forward to step 2 in the process, an intake appointment is scheduled with the non-custodial parent.  The cost of the entire intake is $80.00 and is paid at the time of intake by the non-custodial parent.

03. Custodial Parent

After completion of Step 2 and approval to move to Step 3, an intake with the custodial parent is scheduled.

04. Appointment

After assessment and approval to move to step 4, a child orientation appointment is scheduled for your child.

Once this process is complete families are placed on our schedule for supervised visitation.